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This section and the sub pages that make up this section are intended to present NAC Partners and its value proposition


Message to our prospective clients

NAC Partners offers to prospective investors the ability to invest in dedicated investment vehicles (i.e. "one-LP funds").  Our value proposition is strictly offered to institutional investors that are already quite versed in investing in alternative asset classes.  NAC Partners does not cater to individuals.


Our current client base are strictly institutional private equity funds, however, we will gladly work for Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Private Banks looking to offer alternative investments to their clients and corporations looking to set up an in-house corporate investment vehicle.

Typical reasons why clients would like to invest through a NAC-Partners-managed-investment-structure:

  • AUM at the client are too important to afford investing in too small deals.  Consolidating a number of pre-defined small investments into a single investment vehicle so as to meet minimum size requirements and let NAC Partners take care of the investments at a granular level.

  • Client by charter is a fund-of-fund investor and therefore is barred from taking direct equity positions

  • Client lacks the resources/know-how to make direct investments. Typical situations: 

    • fund-of-fund with co-investment opportunities would like to delegate to NAC Partners their co-investment work​

    • Family office with limited resources would like to outsource the management of their direct investment dealflow

    • Secondary fund looking to acquire a portfolio of direct investments and want a GP to manage that portfolio 

    • Large corporate would like to start an in-house fund with a very specific focus and be able to have control on the investment decision yet lack the experience of investing as a minority shareholder

Interested in knowing more about what NAC Partners has to offer? please contact us and, after qualification, we shall give you access to the rest of the website.

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