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One Luxembourg is a 10 person accounting and administrative firm and NAC Partners has chosen to partner with One Luxembourg so that it may concentrate 100% of its resources on front office responsibilities such as providing economic advice to its clients when is comes to making proper investments.  


This partnership entails that NAC Partners has delegated the entirety of its administration and accounting to One Luxembourg and in this context, NAC Partners has moved its offices  (as of October 2017) within the offices of One Luxembourg at 70 route d'Esch (above the ensemble of Robin du Lac concept stores). 

Certain resources such as secretarial work, conference rooms and IT support are shared between One Luxembourg and NAC Partners.

Other Partners:

Alpha Wealth Management as been retained by NAC Partners as investment advisor to certain specific investment vehicles that is manages.  Alpha Wealth Management brings both expertise and regulatory requirements when circumstances require such presence.

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) is currently the assigned auditor for all the investment vehicles managed by NAC Partners.

PwC has also been retained for certain specific services such as logistics assistance for certain complex asset purchases. 

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